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-- >> there it is. it refreshed. adrian fenty has 1,841 votes, vincent gray has 1, 286 votes. i apologize, the computer keeps refreshing. we mentioned we don't know what parts of the city these are coming in but if we delve deeper we get a sense if you're going to pull apart these 3,000 votes where they're coming from. they're coming from wards 1, 2, 3 and 5, and right now no reporting from wards 4, 6, 7 or 8, that's just those 3,000 votes so a long way to go. but if you're going to pull it apart and micromanage it, a little metadata there, you can start doing it with that information. >> as you know, the polls closed roughly three hours ago soderint taking so long for results to come in. roby chavez is live with the d.c. board of elections to explain what the hold-up has been. roby. >> reporter: shawn, a big problem tonight, as you just mentioned, voting results have been very, very slow to come in. folks, as you can see here, have gathered at the d.c. board of elections waiting for elections, waiting for elections, and the problem tonight has been the new technology. they have new softw
to win d.c.'s mayoral primary. incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the fight of his political life. >> the whole purpose of the campaign is to get as many votes as humanly possible. >> challenger vincent gray trying to hold onto his momentum. >> we want this to be a civil orderly process. >> tonight the drama builds and the pace intensifies as the race for d.c.'s mayor enters the homestretch. the final days of the campaign for d.c. mayor are gettingly and the candidates are taking jabs at -- getting ugly and the candidates are taking jabs at each other as they sprint towards the finish line. >> we are one week from election day and with council chairman vincent gray way ahead in the polls adrian fenty is doing everything he can to hold onto his seat. it appears now both are pulling out the stops, not just on the campaign trail, but also on the web. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> reporter: a jab at mayor adrian fenty with testimonials from former fenty supporters and staffers
watched. then the final numbers came in. gray picked up 53% of the vote. and mayor adrian fenty, 46 he started his speech by acknowledging mayor adrian fenty. his supporters did the same. >> despite our differences i know well that adrian fenty shares our commitment to the city. please join me in applauding and thanking him for his record of service to the people of the district of columbia. >> as polls predicted, gray's support helped to carry the candidate. but he nows to be a uniter. >> when high unemployment ravages ward 8, it is also flt in ward 3. when senseless violence claims a victim in one neighborhood, none of our families feel safe. that's why we need community engagement and collaboration. >> gray will announce plans for the november 2nd general election today at noon. tracee wilkins live in northwest. back to you in the udio. >> tracy, thanks very much. mayor adrian fenty left campaign headquarters without offially conceding victory to gray. >> he is expected to make an announcement later on today. elaine reyes continues our coverage of the d.c.ayor race from fenty's head
in northern mexico, causing severe flooding. >>> new developments in the d.c. mayor's race. mayor adrian fenty has a reason to celebrate. >> a change of command at abc news. a man who brought you the team at "good morning america" is stepping down. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will be right back. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my chi education. it's cool how the union makes it almo impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dcchers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at teachersunionexposed.com/dc. thanks, teachers unions. >>> 6:00 then almost on this day after labor day, tuesday morning. welcome back to work and school. northern virginia going back for the thursday. 70 degrees at reagan national. sunrise at 6:42. a little cloudy. today will be nice, but warmer than yesterday. 65 degrees by now in sterling, boxville, temple hills. 66 in vienna. a few upp
incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. gray came out here early this morning to declare victory. fenty's spokesman says he will concede the race. the primary victory in almost guarantees the results for greg. >> what is next for the new nominee, pamela brown? >> a busy night and busy morning at the washington corridor tel. a lot of enthusiastic supporters of vincent gray. gray has ousted mayor adrian fenty. a fenty spokesperson says that the mayor has conceded and that he will call vincent gray sometime soon. he was the youngest mayor and was a big backer of education. this was a referendum of controversial school chancellor michelle rhee, som said -- some say. vincent gray says that he wanted chancellor who worked with parents and teachers. he wants to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office. despite a couple of jabs at mayor fenty, greg congratulate him for running a fierce campaign and asks the crowd to applaud his efforts. vincent gray will have a press conference at noon at this hotel and will talk about his mayoral campaign and steps he's been taki
into the polling stations, including this one behind me. both vincent gray and mayor adrian fenty have been out trying to break in as many last minute votes as possible before the stations close tonight. just after doors opened in southeast d.c., vincent gray made his final pitch. >> i am the only candidate who has set forward exactly what i would do as mayor in terms of education, economic development, public safety, and the public trust. >> vincent gray has held a steady lead. >> the polls have been all over the place. we have paid more attention to the campaign we wanted to run. >> across town, mayor adrian fenty says he is fighting for every last vote he can get. >> everywhere we are going people are pumped up. >> he acknowledges some of his actions have been controversial, but says they have brought results to the city. >> they should vote on results. schools have gotten better. >> at precincts across d.c., voters are divided where they want change, or staying the course. >> i think he has the city moving in the right direction. >> i think mayor adrian fenty is not it. we need to change. >
in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he says. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. being fiscally responsible, bringing back transparency, sending a message that the days of pay to play politics are over in the district. >> des
tonight at 10:00. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm shawn yancy. incumbent mayor adrian fenty and challenger vincent gray are going full throttle tonight with just eight days until the primary. wisdom martin with the latest. >> the candidates took to the streets to catch up with people who were at home for the holiday. >> i say we shouldn't be working on labor day. >> reporter: the labor day holiday means work forc. appear candidates for mayor. -- for d.c.'s candidates for mayor. council chair vince gray spent part of his afternoon meeting with a group ofc. teachers. >> educators are -- of d.c. teachers. >> educators are hopeful vincent gray will walk the talk. we feel very strongly that he will. >> i think we have one of the worst education systems in the nation. >> reporter: gray discussed his plan for education reform that includes being more inclusive. >> we want to hear from everybody, parents, teachers, administrators and even though every decision might want go the way the people want it to go, i think they will feel like they've been heard and been respected in the process. >> on to
gray will unseat adrian fenty. 90% increase since reporting, vincent gray has 53% of the vote. adrian fenty and conceded the race a few hours ago. >> we have live team coverage from both candidates headquarters. courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign, but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> he spoke to a crowd early this morning at the washington corridor tel. he says is focus moving for is to bring district residents together, unites them, and create one city. his focus will be on community engagement and collaboration. he emphasized that reforms will continue with him at the helm, but he said there will be changes. he hinted that the school chancellor's days are over. he wants someone who will orix "with" teachers and parents. >> we want to restore your trust in city government. by being fiscally responsible, by bringing back transparency, and sending a message that the days of pay to play politics are over in the district of columbia. >> despite a couple of verbal jabs toward mayor fenty, vinc
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has the latest from the campaign trail. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on droictd residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> reporter: a jab at mayor adrian fenty with testimonials from former fenty support he's and staffers font and center on his opponent vince gray's web site. >> some people say mayor adrian fenty is not inclusive. as a former staffer and supporter, i couldn't agree more. >> reporter: a return punch from the mayor via youtube on a comment gray made in last week's debate here on fox 5 saying the council chair refused to admit to past mistakes. >> what mistake have you made as chairman of city council or serving on council. >> well, i am very proud of the record. >> the whole purpose of a campaign is to get as many votes as humanly possible. so we're working hard from sunrise to sundown to vince as many people to come over and support us. we know our opponents are doing the same thing. >> reporter: right now, it appears fenty may not have the vote if the polls are any indication. incumbent did pick up an endorsement
. but right now, it also appears that adrian fenty may not have the votes if the poll are any indication at this point. he may not have the votes to pull it off. it is still very tight and we are probably not going to really know until next week. the incumbent did pick up an endorsement tuesday from the washington examiner. the editorial praises friendy's record on schools, crime and on economic development. some of the video you are seeing of both candidates at a ribbon cutting, this is something that was a very hot topic at the debate on fox 5 morning news, as you know. something that mayor fenty supported and convincement gray was there as well for the ribbon cutting. that has been a huge issue. also, what has been big is on both of the campaign web sites, they really have been taking shots at each other. tax a listen to what they have to say. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> some people say mayor adrian fenty is not inclusive. well, as a former staffer and supporter, i couldn't
. adrian fenty will be on 13th street in northwest. he will make several stops as well. both candidates have been giving one last bid to get out the vote. vincent gray has been leading. some of his supporters say that he is an electable guy. adrian fenty has been pushing his track record of accomplishment to voters over the past four years. the pope's that -- he is hoping that will help them prevail. back to you. >> thank you. >>> besides the mayor's race, d.c. voters will choose candidates for council chair and and at large council seat. council seats ford's 1, 3, 5, 6. -- wards. >>> incumbent democrat martin o'malley is expected to get his party's nomination in maryland and he would replace bob ehrlich. monday he received an endorsement from the arizona senator john mccain and attorney brian murphy has the support of sarah palin. race for prince george's county executive will take center stage today. baker and jackson are vying for the democratic nomination. >>> voters in maryland and d.c. are not the only ones going to the polls today. it is primary day in del weir, mass., galanter
the latest on a new twist in this already contentious race. >> adrian fenty campaign workers allege that saturday a voter told them that supporters of the vincent gray offered him a 10- dollar giant gift cards for ride to and from the site. fenty supporters on with a video recorder went for an investigation into what the campaign is calling a sting operation. for supporters of adrian fenty confronts an unidentified woman and asks where she can get a gift cards. >> you, going to buy lunch if you get in our van. fromere's no evidence this state that a card was ever exchanged. there's a second video. adrian fenty supporters are claiming to speak with a gray person. >> we are -- >> people are looking into the matter. >> they were notified from someone in our campaign looking for his pay off for having his votes. >> vincent gray facility had no idyllic lives beyond the alleged ride to the polls scheme. >> we have run a campaign based on character, integrity, and leadership. we have done and everything possible to ensure the integrity of our campaign. >>> new developments in the race for
, adrian fenty seems at peace with the outcome while vincent gray says he is humbled and thankful. fox 5's laura evans here now with today's developments on that race. >> after months of campaigning, negative ads and animosity the two appear to be playing nice agreeing to work together on a smooth transition. council chairman vincent gray soundly defeated adrian fenty yesterday 53-46% and today gray thanked voters emphasizing he will be inclusive as mayor. he will hold weekly press conferences and he talked about ways he plans to bring unity to the district. >> we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings so that we can hear from people and not just democrats, that we can hear from republicans and independents because frankly, i believe in my heart in one city. >> meanwhile the outgoing mayor not quite sure what the future holds for him. in a gathering with supporters today at his campaign headquarters adrian fenty says doesn't see elected office in his immediate future, but he also didn't rule it out. the mayor says he will remainive in his community and look forward to -- remain acti
to several fights reported yesterday at nearby largo high school. >>> d.c. mayor adrian fenty is out of the job but will the change in the mayor's office may mean a shake-up in d.c. schools? brianne carter has the latest on the future of chancellor michelle rhee. >> [applause] for the first time since the primary, mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray are standing together. the question remains, will vincent gray stand by the school chancellor? >> we want to make the right decision for the city. part of that process is being able to sit down with the people in their jobs data. we will do that in the weeks ahead. >> over the past 3.5 years, michelle rhee has put together reform efforts and going -- including firing hundreds of teachers and closing schools. she says controversial decisions may have contributed to adrian fenty losing his job and could cause her current job. >> yes, it pains me this effort has so much promise. >> a number of d.c. council member spoke out on the issue. some are hoping that michelle rhee will stay and others believe reform will go on without her. >> i think
with adrian fenty's campaign and the mayor has conceded this primary. we are told that probably the mayor will call the chairman sometime this morning. we'll keep you updated. back to you guys in the studio. >>> some tense moments at fenty's headquarters just before midnight and we are not just talking about the election results. a volunteer accidentally crashed through a plate glass window as fox 5's karen gray houston was on the air live. >> those are the people worm targeted by the get out to vote effort of the -- oh, my gosh. don't get too frightened. somebody leaned against the glass and it broke out. this campaign headquarters used to be -- >> a bit of a ruckus broke out as fenty supporters tried to block cameras from filming the aftermath. >>> in the race to defeat vincent gray, at-large count sill member kwame drown faced off against vincent orange and dorothy douglas. brown take the primary decisively with 55% to orange's 39%. douglas captured 6% of the vote. >>> we now turn to the race in prince george's county to county executive. rushern baker is claiming victory after beating
los politicos" en cara a las proximas elecciones primarias del 14 de septiembre e adrian fenty, quien busca su martinez amplia... el actual alcalde adrian fenty nos aseguro que bajo su mandato el crimen ha descendido notablemente. asimismo, afirmo que el mejoramiento de servicios pu Úblicos tales como de vivienda y educaciÓn, es contundente. hemos hecho bastante en los ultimos cuatro aÑos. las escuelas han mejorado notablemente lo cual es cri Ítico para nuestros latinos. hemos bajado el nivel de crimen y los servicios nunca han estado mejor. tenemos muchos mas de nuestros programas escolares ofrecidos en diferentes idiomas especialmente en espaÑol y estamos mucho mejor en el sector de vivienda. por otra parte revelo querer seguir ofreciendo mejor accesibilidad a salud me Édica, buenos trabajos y una buena educaciÓn. queremos seguir con los servicios de salud. hemos hecho un buen trabajo en darles seguro a las personas y continuaremos eso en los pro Óximos cuatro aÑos. queremos continuar asegurÁndonos de que las personas tengan acceso a educ
.c. board of elections, which last night declared vincent gray the winner over adrian fenty. there are some questions. clearly, vincent gray said he is not going to make any personnel announcements until he is actually elected in november. it was 1:30 this morning when vincent gray was finally able to declare victory. >> it is time we come together as one city. >> to a crowd who had no sympathy towards the loser, adrian fenty. they sang, "hey, hey, good- bye." >> we willingly accept the vote of the majority. as i said, we made a lot of tough political decisions. >> among them was the choice of schools chancellor michelle rhee, who is very unpopular with much of gray's base. no one would be surprised if he leaves -- she leaves. said he wants to bridge the divide. >> there were a lot of people who voted for me and a lot of people who did not vote for me. >> i really thought the we were on a forward moving trend, and i feel we are stepping back to the marion barry era. >> i am a little bit disappointed. >> vincent gray made clear today he was disappointed with the performance of the d.c. board
gray is defeated. mayor adrian fenty in the mayor >> ally: primary. we'll give you the latest results. >>> and the results are streamingrom another tough race in prince grge's county. baker is leading for prince george's county executive, but by how much? good morning and welcome backo news 4 today. >> good morning to you. it is wednesday, the 15th day of september, 2010. let's take a live look outside right now. still dark but a nice moing. and jumping jupiter is in the sky to join us today. if you see jupiter jumping, please give us a call. it will replace our lead story. >> bright spot in the western sky. a lot of people saying what is that? it better not b it is jupiter. our largest gas planet the solar system. it is certainly bright in the western sky. at this hour we have a clear skies. 64 in washington. just outside the beltway, it's only in the 50s in most locations. 40s in the mountains eastern shore. away from the waters. right ne the tidewater, 60s. thanks to another area of high pressure that's moved in and is in place will give us plenty of suhine today. but a mild after
at the station. derek and anita. >> thank you for that. >>> in the meantime, mayor adrian fenty is trying to make the most of his primary day. he joined dozens of supporters hoping to gain some needed extra support at the 11th hour. this is video just minutes before they shut down the polls for tonight. >> we are live at the headquarters where they have been waiting for results. >> reporter: derek, i can barely hear you because of the noise here. let me give you a couple of things, in terms of the turnout light to moderate, people here are very encouraged by that. they think that means that vincent gray wasn't able to get his vote out in 7, 8 and perhaps even ward five. they think that is a big boost for the mayor. the other thing, special ballots. thousands upon thousands of special ballots have been generated because of the new rules that brittany has been talking about. so that also posed a problem here. as for what is going on, they seem confident and here is what we heard just a short time ago from some of the people gathered outside the headquarters. are you confident he's going to win this
race for mayor. by the end of the day we could know if incumbent adrian fenty gets four more years or vincent gray will be taking over. pamela brown is live in southeast with the fight to the finish. good morning. >> good morning. if today is official primary voting day. election officials say that 22,000 people have already voted. they are expecting a turnout of 55% today. both top candidates will be allowed in full force crisscrossing the city, trying to get every vote they can. the top two candidates for d.c. mayor has been pounding the pavement oliver d.c. charles's in their efforts to get people voting. >> the most important decision to be made is who is the best person to lead the city the next four years. dealing with education, jobs, housing. i am the best person to do that. >> vincent gray has been ahead in recent polls of steadily, but supporters think it comes down to the fact he is a likable guy. >> he is a people person with a genuine love for the city. he exudes that. >> fenty supporters say that they are confident he will pull ahead today with a big voter turnout. fe
.c. mayor's race. there's a video made by an adrian fenty supporter and posted on youtube. >> if you get on a lunch van, i will be right here. >> workers for adrian fenty's campaign say voter told them vincent gray supporters offered to them a giant discard for a ride to and from an early voting sites. grace as he does not know who's behind the scheme. >> we have run a campaign based on character, integrity, and leadership. >> adrian fenty says it would be a flagrant violation of the law. the board of elections and u.s. attorney's office are looking into the matter. the washington post reports that cora masters barry is claiming responsibility for offering a gift cards. >>> it is a good morning for redskins fans. >> fans are jubilant this morning. the redskins defeated bitter rivals, dallas cowboys. late last night is when it's finished. >> there's a flag down a 20 yard line. >> the cowboys were charged with holding on the final play of the game. the redskins came out the winners. final score, 13-7. a big effort. good for us. 61 degrees right now. >> still ahead, braxton from last night'
. a lot of people talking about this race and that it could come down to the wire between adrian fenty and vincent gray. if people are talking about what impact it will have and who will be impacted. now we're looking at whether michelle rhee, a school chancellor, could have an impact. 40% of registered democrats say that she is a reason to reelect mayor adrian fenty durable looked at her leadership as well. let's look at those. 44% of residents approve of her job performance. 38% disapproved. a number of reform efforts she has put in place, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding them. she has said she is pleased with the numbers, that she is having an impact in the district. mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray will be together for the bait later today at the newseum. brianne carter reporting. >>> there is a lot of confusion concerning a d.c. council race. at large councilman phil mendelson is being challenged in the democratic primary by shadow senator michael brown. he has the same name as another d.c. councilman. the other brown is leading mendelson. critics say that brown
hours after mayor adrian fenty loses to challenger vincent gray. we had every development in the race. jay korff has why michelle rhee says she is partly to blame for fenty's loss. >> vincent gray and michelle rhee said it will sit down and talk about her future. tonight, we caught up with michelle rhee at an event that applauded her work, in part, and she admitted she was a factor in the mayor losing. chancellor michelle rhee's appearance for the d.c. premiere of "waiting for superman" could not have been more ironic, showcasing the work of those within the system. >> are most of the kids getting inappropriate education? >> with her hard-charging style, including firing hundreds of teachers and closing schools, prove to be a political liability for her boss, mayor adrian fenty. even michelle rhee admits that she cost mayor fenty votes. am i was very clear what the mayor early on that the reforms we were taking on what caused consternation. >> mayor fenty calls michelle rhee's accomplishments a high point of his term. >> she will be the ultimate decider of her own personal future. >>
. democratic shakeup in the district. grsay won 52% of the vote, defeating incumbent may adrian fenty. i understand he is about to speak today. >> that is right. you can see over my left shoulder there is a crowd gathering. they are waiting for vinson agreed to take the podium. he is poised to be d.c.'s next mayor. his victory speech last night, he said the election outcome sends a strong message from d.c. residents. they want more respect and war engagement from city leaders. -- more respect and more engagement. speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, he said he is ready to take the house and follow through on his campaign promise to make washington, d.c., one city. ammonal is time for us to look forward. -- >> now is time for us to look forward. >> he gave some verbal jabs toward his former challenger. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. >> we can see vincent gray over my shoulder getting ready to talk. let's get ready to listen in. >> lorraine green, who has been such a stalwart in our campaign. [applause] i see one of our candidates also here, ron brown
, and that is keep working hard. >> reporter: adrian fenty did not make himself available for an interview tonight but issued a statement saying, quote, the only numbers that matter is the count when the polls close on election day. we are out on door steps every day getting our message out to as many voters as we can. >> i think it's going to be really close at the end. i've been reading a little bit about the polls, and but i just think things will tighten up at the end. >> reporter: for now, the claris poll does make one thing clear, it is a city still deeply divided between black and white voters and the two candidates. fenty leads gray among white voters by a wide 68% margin. >> i have seen improvements in the city since fenty was elected. i know his personality is an issue for some people and i don't know much about gray. >> reporter: on the other side of the racial divide, gray leads fenty with 52% of african-american voters. gray says it's about jobs. >> we've got to get people the confidence that this is a city that cares about people getting the training and being able to get to work, ha
to the polls t get the ballots in the mayoral democratic primary. mayor adrian fenty is locked in a heated battle with vincent gray. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at the bell multicultural high school where residents will begin voting in less than an hour now. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. very quiet right now. in about an hour the doors open at all the polling places across d.c. 22,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting. thousands more are expected to vote toda adrian fenty, who so decisively won his first term, is now battling for reelection. his opponent, gray, hoping to unsat him. mayor adrian fenty attended a rally in southeast on monday, fighting an uphill battle in most polls, fenty is pointing to his record and promise to go change his leadership style if re-elected. >> i think what you're seeing from all eight wards, people understand way more good has happened in the city than bad. we'll learn from whatever mistakes we made to do a better job nexttime. >> reporter: it has been a heated campaign. gray believes he has won over many voters and is n b
.c. voter? >> in northwest washington, d.c. mayor adrian fenty is maintaining a frantic fresh face in the fight for his political future. athletic analogies are apropos -. >> there is no time to be concerned. >> fenty's oregon schools and reducing crime -- on schools and reducing crime have garnered him supporters. critics have pounced on his --le, alleging phony as a phonyism. but his charm and his endurance were evident. >> 8:00 p.m. -- 8:00 a.m., tell your friends. >> we do not know if mayor fenty is at campaign headquarters as we speak. he is not expected to come out until there are some definitive results. we have the board of elections and ethics results. there are about 4004 men's and gray and about 2400 for the mayor. -- about fourth thousand four vincent -- about 4000 for vincent gray and about 2400 for the mayor. >> baker has a wide margin. there is a 15 point spread. brown has reaction to these results. >> it has been a party here all evening. they have felt very confident that baker headquarters. officials, this raises is not being called. but anthony brown says he is
kennedy is live at the fenty campaign. >> instead of talking about why he should be reelected, adrian fenty is having to answer questions about allegations of voter impropriety. >> even has he shook hands with supporters and attended an event with the secretary of its -- with the secretary of education, there was no answer as to whether he offered voters to work for him in exchange for their votes. this young man says he was offered a job for $100 per day for 10 days if he voted for the mayor. >> this is an unsubstantiated allegation. no one has given us any names. we do training of all of our people -- all our people to let them know you cannot do anything in exchange for votes. >> [unintelligible] >> fenty campaign spokesman john madigan intends to fended away saying that it is nothing more than a disconnect. >> i think it is a misunderstanding of the person answering the phone and the person making the telephone call. >> either way, voters are shaking. >> if he is going to do stuff like this, why should he be in office? >> if that is true, that would definitely be very disappointin
gray supporters say they are being physically intimidated. they have been called names by adrian fenty supporters and somewhat worried it could become violent. >> turning to more violent in nature, that is where the lines should be drawn. >> these are the types of games they are playing and then they come to the media with it. god will make them pay for this. >> vincent gray has called for them to stop and he says adrian fenty should do the same. there's been no evidence to support the claims. >>> a d.c. council aide, phil mendelson, is being challenged in the democratic primary by michael brown, who has the same name as another d.c. councilman. critics accuse brown of trying to [unintelligible] >> it has been a week since the alaska republican primary. late last night the incumbent senator lisa murkowski conceded the race to joe miller. allegis officials began countin -- election officials began counting the ballots on tuesday. >>> the waiting game continues for virginians needing to get driver's licenses. there's no word on when the dmv computer problems will be fixed. virginia stat
, a week away from the primary in dc. mayor adrian fenty and vince gray put on the press to get the vote out. bruce johnson with the latest on their tactic. i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around, i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points means another 10 cents off per gallon at shell. this week, buy any four of these lunchtime necessities and earn an extra 100 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card for both the groceries and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards. only with your giant card. there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but
.s. education secretary arne duncan has words of praise for outgoing d.c. mayor adrian fenty. he appeared on meet the press yesterday and he said he supports what adrian fenty and what michelle rhee have done to move forward to the d.c. public schools. >> i'm a big fan of what he and michelle rhee have done. public schools are dramatically better today than what they wear. i investe-- they were. adrian fenty will be able to hold his head high. >> when asked why he did not campaign for adrian fenty, the city cannot participate in every local primary. >> steny hoyer thanks, a central host stephen colbert to embarrass himself during his appearance before congress on friday. if he was invited to testify before was the judiciary subcommittee on undocumented farm worker spens. he spent a day working in the field. >> ike leggett warned of more possible budget cuts to prepare for a 10-15 reduction in their budgets -- 10%-15% reductions. a $200 million shortfall expected. >>> rainy monday morning, 64 degrees. saturday was like the millage summer. then sunday was like a new season overnight. and >
spread >> the d.c. mayor's race heats up. well what was meant to help mayor adrian fenty to climb back in the polls. >> i will take the hit. >> and a vest -- an investigation into one of the district's drug treatment programs. are disturbing findings and where things stand now. >> fire threatens one of washington's most valued art >>> tonight, the art world is holding its breath and hoping for the best. >> a devastating fire broke out in one of washington's most cherished museums. >> we are at the phillips collection at the scene of a very active cleanup seen going on after this morning's fire. museum officials are not saying much, but they have stated that none of their major works suffered severe damage they characterized this as a very close call. >> she grabs her camera when she saw flames burst from the roof. i saw the flames. i started crying. >> the fire started in the roof and was contained there. the phillips collection includes works from some of the great masters. >> they have famous paintings here where people come from all over the eight world to see. >> of firefighters qu
orleans to be analyzed. >>> another poll shows incumbent adrian fenty falling behind in the race for mayor. >>> we'll get reaction to the floaftd florida pastor's plan to burn coppies of the koran on september 11th. that controversy is continuing to grow. we'll hear from local islamic leads from their take on the controversy. stay with us. we'll be right back -- we'll get reaction to the florida pastor's plan to burn coppies of the koran on september 11th. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, umm...read her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of
hours out now from what promises to be a heated debate on fox amorning news. tease chair adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray will be live on fox amorning news for a debate. they will be answering questions live. we'll be streaming the debate on myfoxdc.com also. >>> we are all watching hurricane earl this morning as the storm continues to make its way up the east coast. the outer banks started feeling the impact early on this morning. president obama has already signaled an emergency declaration -- or signed an emergency declaration for north carolina. fema teams have been dispatch ad cross the east coast including to maryland and virginia. a state of emergency is already in effect in both states. you can see why when you take a look at the winds out there. >> about >> the good new is it is dragging the worst of its energy away from us. we'll still get gusty winds along the beaches. >> this was a major hurricane yesterday. let's get to t i'll show you the satellite-radar. again, the eye never making landfall although it is brushing the coast of the carolinas up into southern m
lanes may be shut down. derek, back to you. >> thank you, patranya. still ahead, dc mayor adrian fenty talking about the racial gap in the poles. bruce johnson's interview with the mayor and mrs. fenty coming up at 5:30. >>> we have a weak cold front pushing through late tonight. we'll let you know if you need your umbrella if you are going to the lady gaga concert. that and the latest look at the forecast coming up. >>> crews are trying to get the upper hand on a wild fire in colorado. i'm in boulder. i'll have the very latest. >>> firefighters in colorado catching a bit of a break in the weather. the blaze got going yesterday and it already burned dozens of homes in just 24 hours. gibson joins us live in boulder where it has become a race against time and against those flames. > indeed, derek. despite those weather conditions you were talking about, this has been one stubborn fire, doubling in size from 3,000 to more than 7,000 acres. now colorado officials say more evacuations may be possible. >> calmer winds are giving firefighters a break as they battle a raging wild fire that ha
and vote tomorrow and both adrian fenty and vincent gray are fielding accusations about buying. >> reporter: in the wind, what is noticeable, the difference in style. fenty saying votes are what i have done, not for who i am. >> crime's down, education is up. services have never been stronger. >> reporter: vincent gray, the consensus building council chairman is stalling for votes surrounded by security. >> do you have security? >> yeah. >> do you think it's necessary? >> people have convinced me because of the behaviors at other events during the campaign. >> reporter: and then there is fenty ride alone in his smart car with no trailing police detail. there is that phone camera video that shows gray supporters trying to lure voters to the polls with $10 gift cards. >> i think when the board of elections referred it to the state attorney's office, i think they did the right thing. i will let them investigate it. this is an effort to get voters out to vote. >> reporter: the first lady barry has acknowledged the role in the gift card giving. she said it was a unity effort to get out the vote
counted and adrian fenty has been defeed. >> vns ent gray has been named the winner of the democratic mayoral primary. welcome to news 4 on this wednesday, september 15th, 2010. >>> it appears washington, d.c. will have a new mayor. vincent gray defeated adrian fenty in the democratic primary. he won by more than 8 percentage points. he told supporters that is time to come together as one city. mayor fenty said he would be calling vince gray to oncede. he has yet to throw in the towel, though -- rather, he had not thrown in the towel when he addressed supporters at his campaign headquarters late last night before going home for the night. >>> d.c. electionfficials are ensuring all ballots were counted. this comes after 20 polling locations and workers complained they received confusing directions about the machines. a judge ruled against that request. >> this morning we know who is poised to take vincent gray's place as d.c. council chair. kwame brown defeated orange and douglas in a landslide. brown walked away with 55% compared to orange's 30%
about the people? adrian fenty, talk about recreation centers, what about job for the parents of the students, the kids who go to recreation centers. >> reporter: professor morris talked about moten's promise in the fenty campaign where there is less support from labor unions and churches. >> the bill mediating alleys, and fenty runs alone, stands on the street alone, appears to be very much singularly the alone incumbent. >> reporter: he says the city has forgiven barry of his last mistake. >> he also gave friends over $500 million worth of earmarks and contracts. >> i don't see how anybody could go for adrian fenty when he set around and let $50 million of d.c. taxpayers' money be taken, and spent around $82 million of contract, not say anything about it. >> reporter: hard to know what is true, morris said it probably doesn't matter, and in post debate conversations, marion barry said the mistakes he made were personal. he said fenty's governmental and involved the city. moten says he challenges people to name three reasons why they should vote for gray without saying fenty.
has obtained, to nightmare adrian fenty admits one of his campaign workers is being investigated -- mayor adrian fenty admits one of his campaign workers is being investigated for allegedly buying votes. >> the driver of one of the campaign bands allegedly drove some young voters in exchange for jobs. >> they are trying to say it was one driver when it was multiple drivers. >> sam ford was provided a name and cell phone number of the young voters. >> this was not somebody who either had the authority. >> workers spent friday night making final calls as the candidates enter the final weekend. vincent gray filed an official complaint to the board of ethics. >> it is ironic that the mayor vetoed the vote buying bill that the council had, and now here we are. >> everybody is trained to know that if you pick up a voter, you cannot offer them anything. >> while some residents don't believe fallout from this data will show up in the polls -- >> people for the most part have their minds made up. >> others say they expected some dirt to surface. >> those things that have come to pass of l
by the tea party. >> another election was in the district of columbia where the former mayor adrian fenty was controversial but it was a highly publicized battle that involved schools chancellor michelle rhee. >> the winner of the democratic primary, vincent gray sat on the city council and supported education reform. michelle rhee is the national face of educational reform. she did something unforgivable. she jumped into a political partisan race. she worked for the defeat of the person who will be the mayor of the district of columbia separate her from educational reform and she was an affected person. i like a lot of things about her, but educational reform in the district of columbia does not and if he elects to leave. >> educational reform would not have happened without michelle rhee. she is an historic figure. it is almost impossible to define the union getting rid of bad teachers and raising pay for good teachers. she is a true hero of the movement. >> the fact that she will go -- we will see. in a couple of years, my guess is that they will not be able to get rid of the teachers'
alcalde... grey se impuso a adrian fenty en las primarias del martes por 53 a 46 por ciento de los votos.. y ya que no hay contendientes republicanos se convirtio en el virtual alcalde de la ciudad...los residentes no esperaron que se disiparan los humos de las elecciones para hacer sus demandas... todos porque hay mucha gente que realmente no tiene trabajo..." para los residentes de la ciudad y para los expertos, fenty habria contribuido a su derrota al adoptar una actitud de arrogancia y el manejo de la comuna..muchos residentes critican los aumentos considerables de los montos requeridos para estacionar en la capital... "sobre el parqueo mas que nada yo quiero que vuelva a lo normal porque esta demasiado caro yo quiero que vuelva a lo normal que era media hora por cada quarter ...." por su parte, adrian fenty diijo que no piensa postularse como independiente o por inscripcion . agredecio a sus partidarios por el respaldo y aseguro su apoyo a grey.. mientras tanto en maryland, los representante hispanos tambien celebraron victorias... victor ramirez ganóuna p
.c. are going head-to- head. adrian fenty and vincent gray are debating this afternoon in northwest d.c. brianne carter joins us from the site of the debate with a new chapter in the campaign that develop this morning with the release of a poll. >> we are in the home stretch of the primary -- of this with the primary two weeks away. they are going head-to-head. a number of supporters from both campaigns behind me. there's a new poll talking about who may be impacting voters. with the primary less than two weeks away -- [inaudible] >> the candidates are pulling out all the stops. one resident is basing her votes on one issue. sex education is key. i have three children. -- education is the key. >> 41% of registered voters look at the work of michelle rhee as a reason to reelect adrian fenty. 40% feel that she is one reason he should be gone. >> not a single issue why you should vote for one candidate or the other. >> people either love michelle rhee or hate her. >> a number of voters are looking at the bigger picture, not just one issue. could anything influence your decision? >> no. >> there ar
privately as well. will an adrian fenty defeat equal an exit for school chancellor michelle rhee? we'll tackle that question. >>> plus ad attack, the group slamming mcdonald's in this controversial commercial. we'll be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. jwa >>> democratic party in d.c. working to soothe any hard feelings after a hard fought mayoral race and they started with this morning's traditional unity breakfast, the first time we've seen the new democratic candidate with the mayor since the primary. >> reporter: in a heavily democratic town vincent gray is expected to be the neck mayor. he came to the -- next mayor. he came to the democratic state protect fast at israel baptist church to highlightish -- breakfast at israel baptist church to highlight issues he says are important to him. >> restoring the public trust to our government. >> reporter: gray was warmly received by all including the defeated incumbent mayor. >> it was a real tough campaign and i think the democratic nominee and i, we fought hard. i think it was all fought in
defeating adrian fenty. fenty has conceded in the democratic primary. these are the latest results with about 90% of the precincts reporting. gray leaks fenty 53% to 46% and the "washington post" has declared gray the winner. good morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. there were some scary moments as staffers waited for election results to come in at fenty campaign headquarters. a volunteer fell and crashed through a plate glass window all while care engray houston was live on the air. >> those are the people who were targeted by the get out to vote effort -- oh, my gosh. don't get too frightened. somebody leaped against the glass and it broke out. >> that volunteer fell through a nine by nine foot window and was bleeding badly from the head. we are told he was conscious and talking when he walked to an ambulance. we'll have more on gray's big win as well. you can see the results at the bottom of your screen. first, let's get a check of weather with tucker. >> nice cool start today. we have temperature in the others and low 60s. you happen
vincent gray is leading mayor adrian fenty for the battle in the district. it's in part because of his ability to pull the city together. symptom sherwood continues our team coverage. >> got into city politics late in life. elected to the council just six years ago. gray says he's ready to lead the whole city. last april, 67-year-old d.c. council chairman vince gray ended months of speculation, trailing in campaign cash, organization and nme recognition to adrian fenty. gray voted early in his homeward seven. leading in every public opinion oll this ye, and hoping to close the deal wth democratic primary voters tonight. >> we brought a campaign that we set out to run from the very beginning. the pls have been all over the place. some days they're 3 to 1, some days they're 5, 17. we haven't paid a lot of attention to that. we paid more attention to the kind of campaign we wantsed to run. >> turnout tuesday was lighter in many places than expected. a campaigeven gray supporters say has been more marked by voter irritation than enthusiasm for gray. >> this may be one of the most important
, and ironically, they told me many of them, the same thing that adrian fenty told the crowd at a debate two years ago. if he loses this thing tonight he has no one to blame but himself. what a difference four years makes. >> adrian fenty four years ago, on his way to what would become one of the most lopsided wins for d.c. mayor in history. the then 35-year-old won every precinct. voters seemed eager for the change in energy he promised. his style and personality, have overshadowed his performance. >> you get to be above everne. and he forgets the little people. and the little people are those who have less than us. you can't forg them. because you know what, they're going to rise, and today they're going to rise. >> he's disconnected. even fenty sporters acknowledge that that's become the perception. but not necessarily the reality. >> we all have dierent personali personalities, but we have to look at the facts. the city's better four years later. whether you look at crime, whether you look at educaon. whether you look at development. >> reporter: neil timmons agrees. >> he's done a pretty good
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